‘Star Trek Into Darkness’s’ Simon Pegg and Karl Urban Gush Over Chris Pine’s ‘Beautiful Behind’

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Captain James T. Kirk is no ordinary captain.

In J.J. Abrams‘ reboot of the famed Star Trek franchise, the U.S.S. enterprise leader (played by Chris Pine) is bold, brash and bears a risky penchant for breaking the Star Fleet tried-and-tested rulebook.

Despite his drawbacks, though, the ship’s crew stands by Kirk when push comes to shove in the thrilling Star Trek Into Darkness, which hits theater Thursday. But it’s not his leadership skills that keeps Kirk’s team loyal.

“[It’s] his butt. He has a beautiful behind,” Simon Pegg, who stars as the side-splitting engineer Scotty, told Celebuzz‘s Cory Lopez. “If you follow Kirk, you can’t help but be hypnotized by those steel buns of his.”

After working together for 2009’s Star Trek, Pegg signed on for the sequel just for another chance to gaze at Pine’s great derrière. “That’s kept me coming back for more year after year,” he quipped. “He’s someone I can get behind.”

But Pegg and Karl Urban — the man behind the offbeat doctor Leonard H. McCoy a.k.a. Bones — agree that there’s more to Pine than meets the eye. “I love Chris. We both love Chris,” Pegg said. “Chris is funny because he’s a leading man but he’s pretty goofy as well, isn’t it?”

“I think people him as this sort of corn-fed, all-American, super handsome guy,” he continued. “And he is that, but he’s also a bit of a goof. I love that about him.”

And that goofy good humor led to “a lot of laughs” on set, Urban added. “And that goes for everybody,” Pegg said. “When we hang out, it’s a blast. And to be able to do that, and get paid to do it, and be in Star Trek, it doesn’t get any better than that.”

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