A 20-Minute Conversation With Beyonce’s Uncle Larry

Beyonce's uncle talks
Beyonce’s life has always been one of intrigue, scrutiny and frequent tabloid fodder. So much so, the notoriously private songstress decided to give speculation a rest and give the world a glimpse inside her megastardom in HBO's recently-aired documentary Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream.

Now, her uncle Larry Beyince opens up to Celebuzz about the rumor she's pregnant with baby No. 2, what's really behind Blue Ivy's name, what the family thinks about their Queen B becoming Mrs. Jay-Z, and Bey's estranged relationship with her father.

On The Rumor That Beyonce Is Pregnant Again...

“I have no idea. I haven’t heard nothing, except that she’s on tour.

“Even then [when she was pregnant with Blue Ivy] she tried to keep everything secret like it’s a really big deal. She didn’t want everyone to know.

“She did tell me she wants to have more, but I didn’t know how fast. I think now would be too soon. She just had one and she needs time to really raise that baby."

On The Meaning Of Blue Ivy...

“Ivy is for the Roman numeral No. 4. Beyonce's birthday is on the 4th, she got married on the 4th and her mother’s birthday is on the 4th. So it’s got meaning to her.

"I’ll speak to her [Blue] on the phone. She likes to watch cartoons and Sesame Street. She told me ‘hi’ and ‘dog’ and ‘moo’ and ‘meow’ and ‘woof woof.’ And then she just said ‘bye bye.’

On Beyonce Before Becoming Mrs. Jay-Z...

“He was after her and she wasn’t. She told me she wasn’t too particularly fond of him.

“I would see him with her and pictures of them, I heard rumors they were together and she told me ‘no.’ You know how women get that look like ‘eww.’ I guess she wasn’t attracted to him.

“But as long as he treats her well and makes her happy, that’s all I ever wanted. He’s okay with me.”

On Beyonce Getting Married...

“I was surprised she married him. I think she got tired of being alone. When you have as much money as she does she has to be careful about people wanting her for her money. And apparently he had as much as she had.

“I don’t think the family cared. Just that whatever he’s doing he’s making money [and] made it okay.”

On Beyonce's Father Mathew Knowles...

“I wasn’t surprised she fired him [as her manager]. I’m glad, actually.

“I know he was getting 20 percent of whatever she made, and from what I know he wasn’t doing much for her. All I knew is that he wanted her to be famous and rich so he could be rich.

"One reason I was glad she got married is because she was no longer under her dad’s control. He is a control freak."

On Beyonce's Early Rise To Fame...

“She didn’t want to be famous. She just wanted to be a normal child. She loved to watch cartoons and be with her friends.

“She was forced into singing.

“It took away her whole childhood. Everything was geared toward being famous. She used to get angry at [her father] a lot for taking away her childhood. That affected her.

"I would prefer she was just my little niece, but she’s a lot better off than most women."

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  • superachiever2

    Uncle Larry has shown some light onto something that I havwe always wondered and that is "Why would Bey even be interested in being with someone who even looks like Jay"?

  • lovely7137

    The whole part about Bey not liking Jay is not that surprising....Recently I asked some family members and couples who have been married for a long time what attracted them to their mate. Almost all the women stated that they didn't like their husbands at first. With my parents, who have been married for 43 yrs, I asked my mom what it was that she found attractive about my dad when she met him...she said " Girl, I didn't even like your daddy at first...lol, but he was persistent and after a while, she saw the great qualities in him and fell in love._

  • Bella Nightingale
    Bella Nightingale

    Its amazing how every other line from uncle larry was about money, being rich, and making money. Every paragraph, he brought up money!! We know why he is running mouth about things he probably doesn't know that much about. When Beyoncé decided to get married to Jay, uhh both were grown ass people! Clearly uncle larry wants some money and he is willing to say anything to get a check, since her and her husband wont give him any! What they want people to know about them, they are free to tell it if they want to and how they want to! Im not for family using avenues like this to gain money off of their family who are public figures. Im sorry, but fam or not, that's like seven levels of wrong smh, because they have no business commenting about a marriage/relationship that they have nothing to do with.

  • AlphaOmeg Knowthyself
    AlphaOmeg Knowthyself

    Well in all reality Uncle Larry gave some great info but the part about her not liking Jay we already heard. He put it in his song Excuse Me Miss with Pharrell. I like Uncle Larry, lol he makes her seem a little more human.

  • Çõréÿ MrConfidence Blåîr
    Çõréÿ MrConfidence Blåîr

    What was his point of saying all of this? Just being messy

  • paus

    Great insight on Beyonce