I Saw Demi Lovato Attack Simon Cowell, And All I Got Was This Lousy Caption Contest

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Who hasn’t felt like scratching off Simon Cowell‘s face? I certainly have, and not just because I have an irrational fear of v-neck sweaters. Probably everyone who has ever appeared on or worked for American Idol and The X-Factor felt the urge at some point. This photo of Demi Lovato and her Claw of Anger seem to support this theory. Jeez, Simon, maybe you should try and be, I dunno, nicer?

But would that really be as entertaining? And speaking of entertaining, here are the winning captions from yesterday’s Facebook Caption Contest:

“I have to defend my country! Go back to England ya crazy Brit!” –  Monique

“how dare you not send me to the next round on idol!” – Dakota

“No more cutting! now I rip YOUR head off to soothe everyones PAIN!” – Imani

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