Moment of Then: Disney’s ‘Adventures in Wonderland’

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ABC’s upcoming reboot of Alice in Wonderland got me thinking about Disney’s TV series Adventures in Wonderland.

For those who don’t remember, it was about a modern-day Alice who solved a bunch of Carrie Bradshaw-esque thoughts by traveling to Wonderland through her bedroom mirror and hanging out with Lewis Carroll’s famous characters. (To this day, I still can’t do that mirror trick thingy; neither can my sisters.) Then she would sum everything up in a conversation with her poor, miserable cat, Dinah.

The TV series was pretty short-lived; it ran for about four years, according to IMDb. (Also, Teri Garr was in it, apparently? Who knew?) As such, one would assume that its star, the precocious Elisabeth Harnois, would have ditched acting by now and taken up accounting or teaching or whatever most child stars do these days.

But no, she’s apparently doing pretty well for herself. In fact, she’s now on CSI, of all shows (thank you again, IMDb!), on which she plays Morgan Brody. She’s also been on One Tree Hill, Boy Meets World and that reboot of 90210. (And she’s on Twitter, too, of course.)

Anyway, here’s what Elisabeth, now 33, looks like today. (She’s kind of like a cross between Maria Sharapova and Abigail Breslin, if that makes any sense.)

I can only assume that her cat, Dinah, is in Eternal Wonderland now. (Sigh. That poor cat.)