9 Ways Beyonce Can Officially Confirm Her Pregnancy

Now that sources close to Beyonce and Jay-Z are confirming that the hip-hop couple are indeed expecting their second child, fans only have one big question on their minds: how will this couple officially announce the news to the world?

For those who have been living under a rock, Queen B famously reveal that she was pregnant with daughter Blue Ivy by debuting her burgeoning baby bump after show-stopping performance of “Love On Top” at the 2011 MTV Music Video Music Awards.

Given that this couple has a knack for extravagance (come on, their first child wears $800 custom-made sneakers), here are nine ways Beyonce and Jay can truly make their pregnancy announcement way more extreme than the last.

1. Skywriting Above New York City

It’s no secret the couple’s has major NYC pride (go look up “Empire State of Mind” at Directlyrics if you still don’t know), so why not let the city they love know the news first by making it official over the concret jungle?

2. Handwritten Note

Beyonce has been hand-writing notes on her personal Tumblr for just about everything. Her baby announcement should not be an exception.

3. Making Baby Bump Paper Mache Bust

They say a picture says a thousand word. So a statue would be, like, a million?

4. Let Gwyneth Paltrow Announce It

I mean, she already knows all there is to know about Beyonce’s upcoming album.

5. Jay-Z Raps About It

Hova’s song about Blue Ivy’s birth broke the charts in early 2012. Who knows what he can do while the baby’s still in utero?

6. Hologram Of The Sonogram.

It just sounds so cool.

7. Posing Naked On The Cover Of A Magazine

Almost every expectant mom in Hollywood has bared their bump on the cover of a glossy. Why not Bey too? We suggest Vogue.

8. Let It Be Blue Ivy’s First Words To The Public

Just think of the adorable possibilities!

9. Kelly Rowland Accidentally Confirms It

Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland kind of ruined the surprise for everybody when she let slipped that Bey was having a girl the first time around. The odds are stacked against her to do it again.