CommentBuzz: Our Favorite Reader Comments About Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, And More

Hello, friends! Happy Friday! Did everyone have a pleasant week? I sincerely hope so. In terms of celebrity news, I feel like it’s been pretty exciting? What with Angelina Jolie sharing the news of her preventative double mastectomy, Nicki Minaj announcing her American Idol exit and, of course, more Farrah Abaraham tidbits than we cared to cover, the week definitely felt jam-packed.

Of course, when we have hot stories, we also have hot comments (and hot commenters — that’s right, I called you sexy! — and, as I do ever Friday, I would now like to share some of those comments with you. Remember, if you’d like to have your thoughts featured, simply leave comments on your favorite articles throughout the week.

Let the CommentBuzz begin!

Angelina Jolie experienced an outpouring of support after announcing she received a prevantative double mastectomy. debau sums up our feelings:

“What a brave thing to have done. A real inspiration to all the woman out there.”

Rihanna has a fan in katieblack:

“That lady is non stop amazing, so young and such a hard worker, love her in her 777 Docu”

And did you hear that Barbara Walters is retiring next year? lizcal will miss her, as will we:

“Seriously AMAZING woman!”

My personal favorite comment of the week goes to randitrollop who, after we announced that The Great Gatsby soundtrack charted at number two on the Billboard 200 list, offered up this little witticism:

“What a coincidence! I was just thinking that this music sounds like number two. Jay-Z should change his name to Bee-Em.”

That’s all we have time for this week, Celebuzzers. Thanks for contributing! Remember, if you want to be featured in next week’s CommentBuzz, simply leave comments on your favorite articles.

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