Judging The Upfronts By Their Cover: The CW

Every spring, each major television network announces its primetime schedule for the next fall. Many new shows will premiere, but few will make it past November. Here at Celebuzz, we know your time is valuable so we’re picking which of these new shows is worth your time, completely site unseen.

The Originals

What’s it about?: In this spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, members of the original vampire family is battling to control New Orleans. I think? This seems like one of those things that if you don’t already understand it, you never will.

Who’s involved?: There are a bunch of people coming over from The Vampire Diaries like Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin. Newcomers include Charles Michael Davis (Grey’s Anatomy) as the villain and some other people you’ve never heard of.

When will it air?: Tuesday at 8:00 EST

The Verdict: Honestly I read the plot of this thing thee times and I still have no idea what any of these people are doing. If you watch The Vampire Diaries go ahead I guess.

The Tomorrow People

What’s it about?: All teenagers are angsty. But these teenagers are extra angsty because they can teleport! Will they find a date to prom?

Who’s involved?: Robbie Amell (Revenge) stars alongside Peyton List (Mad Men), Aaron Yoo (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist) and Luke Mitchell (Home and Away). Jacob from Lost (Mark Pellegrino) is the villain. Again. The show is executive produced by Greg Berlanti of Arrow and will air right after Arrow and The CW is calling it Greg Berlanti Wednesdays because sure.

When will it air?: Wednesday at 9:00 EST

The Verdict: This is, in fact, not based on Beautiful Creatures or any other teen-with-powers franchise you’re familiar with. It’s based on a British children’s show from 1973 which was remade in 1992 and now in 2013 for the third time, which ties it with The Twilight Zone. If you can legally vote and you’re watching this, you should be embarrassed and keep it to yourself.


What’s it about?: Reign tells the story of the ill-fated Mary Queen of Scots, particularly focusing on her time in the French court, securing an alliance by marrying the heir to the French throne.

Who’s involved?: Adelaide Kane (The Purge) stars as the teenaged queen. Toby Regbo (One Day) will play Francis, Mary’s betrothed, and Torrance Coombs (The Tudors) plays his brother, and a member of a possible love triangle.

When will it air?: Thursday at 9:00 EST

The Verdict: Mary Queen of Scots is an incredibly interesting historical figure, however that is more for her misfortune later in life than for her two-year-long first marriage. If the show stays true to its source material it could make for a good watch, but more likely than not it will be wealthy young adults in bustles stealing kisses behind stone columns. Pass.

The 100

What’s it about?: In a future dystopian society, Earth has been abandoned. All humans live in space in a highly regulated environment controlled by a dictatorial few. One hundred young people are sent down to Earth to find out if the planet is inhabitable. It’s based on an “upcoming book series” which is a whole new level of insane.

Who’s involved?: There is almost no one with any name recognition tied to this show except Isaiah Washington (Grey’s Anatomy) and Henry Ian Cusick (Lost) star as the sinister leaders of the space community. Will Washington call someone a fa**ot again? Stay tuned to find out!

When will it air?: Not scheduled; will air sometime midseason

The Verdict: How can something be based on something that isn’t even a thing yet? Anyone?


What’s it about?: Alien teenagers are sent to school with human teenagers. Two fall in love. Small town bigotry and judgement abound.

Who’s involved?: Matt Lanter (90210) and Aimee Teegarden (Friday Night Lights) star as the star-crossed (get it?) lovers.

When will it air?: Not scheduled; will air sometime midseason

The Verdict: Teegarden and Lanter are hot. That’s really all that matters for this show.

Here is The CW’s complete schedule for fall 2013:

8:00-9:00 PM HART OF DIXIE

8:00-9:00 PM THE ORIGINALS (new)

8:00-9:00 PM ARROW
9:00-10:00 PM THE TOMORROW PEOPLE (new)

9:00-10:00 PM REIGN (new)