Watch: Adriana Lima’s Workout Secret Involves Nap Time

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Leave it to a Victoria’s Secret model to give birth to her second child and only months later look better after baby.

You can call it good genes, but Adriana Lima just calls it all in a day’s work being a full-time mom.

“I’m a hands-on mom, so they help me to get back in shape!” she told Celebuzz during the launch of Victoria’s Secret What Is Sexy? List May 14 in Los Angeles, Calif. “I’m all day running left and right and doing things.”

The Brazilian bombshell, 31, has two daughters Valentina, 2, and Sienna, 7 months — both of whom are taking after their basketball star dad Marko Jaric.

“My oldest one is becoming a swimmer… she’s really really good. She’s very athletic,” she said.

“Sienna just started sayng ‘mama’ a few days ago. I’m like ‘oh my god!'”

So while Lima is juggling mommyhood and supermodel-hood, she squeezes in those precious workouts wherever she can get them.

“I try to work out during their nap times, or I’ll try to go to the gym if possible. If not, I go outside, I’ll take a walk, or have a short run, or I jump rope for 10 minutes,” she said.

“I always think it’s better to work out or do something for 10 minutes, or 20 minutes, better than zero. So whatever time I have, I’ll do something. Just keep moving, no matter what!”

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