Beyonce On Pregnancy Rumors: ‘All I Can Do Is Sit Back And Laugh...’

What pregnancy?

Beyonce Knowles is firing back after reports that the singer is pregnant with her second child.

On Saturday, the 31-year-old superstar posted a note on her Instagram account.

“I can’t stop the rumors from starting, and I can’t really change peoples minds who believe them,” she wrote. “All I can do is sit back and laugh at these low life people who have nothing better to do than talk about me.”

The post (full screen capture below) has since been removed.

Knowles’ response comes one day after E! News reported that the singer and her husband Jay-Z are expecting again. Earlier this week, Beyonce was forced to cancel a concert in Antwerp, Belgium after suffering from dehydration and exhaustion. She returned to the stage for the second scheduled Belgium show on Wednesday; the first show has been postponed to the end of the month.

Bey is currently in the middle of the European leg of her Mrs. Carter Show world tour. The “Grown Woman” singer is scheduled to perform in Milan, Italy on Saturday, followed by shows in France, German and Poland for the rest of the week.

The North American leg will kick off in late June and run through August.

[courtesy of Instagram/The Daily Mail]



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  • hollyportland

    I wonder if Jay wrote it? Hmmm. But seriously, I'm still doubting she gave birth Blue Ivy. We have yet to EVER see her bare belly in :: any :: pictures published by her or those sneaky paparazzi who hide way in the mountains. Heck even seeing her belly deflate on some TV show was shocking enough to cause doubt. Drink up Bey .. we don't believe it either.

  • Alejandra Ramirez
    Alejandra Ramirez

    it doesnt sound like something she would say, besides if it was her it would be handwritten

  • Chrystie Griffin
    Chrystie Griffin

    She did not write or post the note .

  • holiday

    I think its funny that she's mad that someone said it before her.. she's trying to hide something so OBVIOUS just so she can make a big reveal like she did last time.. she so attention grabbing its sad.. and she's acting like a little brat because she didn't get her way.. GET OVER IT..

  • Kimberly Williams
    Kimberly Williams

    wat an asshole dat bitch

  • Vicky Afolayan
    Vicky Afolayan

    Low life people?? those were fans who were happy for you thinking you were pregnant. her true colors are showing. smh