Billboard Music Awards 2013: Worst Dressed Celebrities

As sure as the stars shine bright, there were red carpet disasters at tonight's Billboard Music Awards.  Some chick named Z La La (did I just date myself?) looked more like a Christmas tree decoration than a human.  Nicki Minaj could have landed on our best dressed list, had it not been for that crazy-ass look on her face and out-to-there hair.

Get it together, girls!  Just because the location says "Las Vegas" on the invite doesn't mean you have to dress like....well.

Miley Cyrus.  Oh, Miley.  I liked you so much better with your ombre hair and hint-of-tummy action.  Now you look like an extra from the "What You Waiting For?" music video.

My eyes...they hurt.

Alyssa Milano, have you completely given up?  You have a show to promote, sister!



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  • Edson Francisco Bonfim
  • Edson Francisco Bonfim
  • katieeee

    Wow you think Miley deserves the worst dressed list? This fits her image to a tee! It's fun and flirty with the lace but also edgy with the print and that is exactly what Miley is all about. Her matches her hair and he makeup perfectly and it suits her figure. This is one of the best dressed to me, best dressed doesn't always mean a beautiful dress.