Here Are The Winners From Our Weekend Caption Contest Starring Bradley Cooper’s Hair and Amy Adams’ Dress

Drake wasn’t the only one rocking a fro this weekend.

Bradley Cooper was equally fro-tastic on the New York set of American Hustle. This weekend, he was also the subject of many hair jokes, while Amy Adams’ low-cut dress caused everyone (including B-Coops) to do a double take.

Fun fact: this isn’t the first time Cooper and his hair have been featured in our Caption Contest.

Without further adieu, here are the winners from the weekend edition of our contest:

“seriously brad, what did you do to your hair?” – Carie

“Did you really say I look like Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, Fergie? Really?” – Michele

“It’s so refreshing to finally see a Hollywood Star not have breast implants” – Cassandra

Congratulations, dearest winners. Be sure to tune in on Monday for a new Caption Contest.