How Tyrese Stays So Fresh — Down There

Secret deodorant’s original slogan touted: “Strong Enough for a Man, Made for a Woman.” Turns out, some men took that to heart.

“I’ll admit myself because people have been getting on me about this. I didn’t realize men could not use Secret deodorant,” Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges tells host Jeremy Parsons in a recent sitdown. “I’ve been using Secret deordorant for pretty much half my life.”

Surprisingly, his Fast & Furious 6 costar, multihyphenate model-singer-actor Tyrese Gibson, does the same. But he takes his Secret use one step further — to the south.

“This is too much information, but I’ve been using deodorant — Secret — in both locations for about seven years,” he admits, pointing to his pits and, well, you know where. “You know cause your legs are just in constant rotation like your arms. I’m serious man. This is the truth.

“Ah, come on,” Ludacris says. “We don’t need to know all that man. Ah! Tyrese Gibson uses Secret on his balls! Who does that?!”

The interview then spirals into every pun that comes to mind — such as, Ludacris labeling his pal “the Secret baller!” — as the men fall into fits of laughter. Even when Parson tries to bring talk back to Fast & Furious 6, Tyrese’s one-track mind brings it back to that b-word.

“How does this [movie] go to the next level?” Parsons asks. Tyrese exclaims, “Because it’s ballsy!”

Touché, Tyrese, touché.

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