Another Caption Contest Casualty: Lady Gaga Killed Pikachu

Here’s the truth: these last few months have been the longest of my life, for they have been completely Lady Gaga-free. Mother Monster, where you been?!?! Not on Twitter! Not on the radio! Not on my TV! Not in my Caption Contests! BUT, THANK GODGA, The Queen of the Universe is back! Out of hiding she came for an appearance at a Versace fashion event, where she acted as music director and Flawless Angel of Perfection.

What do I love almost as much as I love Lady Gaga? The winners of Friday’s Caption Contest:

“First meat, now a Pikachu. What next?” – Sham

“This dress is too normal. Staple this yellow thing to it!” – Melissa

“Tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree” – Darren

“Oh dear, my yellow caterpillar is taking the “hilly” scenic route to my noggin, where it will settle in as a groovy new hair accessory.” – Colette

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