Farrah Abraham’s ‘Backdoor’ Bikini is Too Dirty for eBay

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It’s a sad day for perverts everywhere as the bikini worn by Farrah Abraham during her sex tape is no longer available on eBay. Citing “health and hygiene concerns,” eBay has pulled down the listing for the crystal-encrusted two piece which Abraham wears in her porn tape, as well as during some totally not staged paparazzi shoots prior to the tape’s release.

The bikini showed up online last week, sold by Vivid Entertainment, the porn house behind (ha) the release of Abraham’s now-infamous porno with James Deen. The bidding started at $500, but over the weekend the price had soared to a reported $14,700 because there are only three constants in life: death, taxes and perverts on the internet.

The bikini’s selling point was that it was straight off Abraham’s surgically-enhanced body and into your hands or god knows where. However, eBay reportedly had some problems with this, telling Vivid: “Our policy does not allow used clothing to be listed on the site unless the item has been washed first.” The bikini reportedly still had fake tan stains and glitter from Abraham’s body lotion on it.

Expect to find the bikini back online once Vivid finds a laundromat.