How Tyrese and Ludacris Lighten Up ‘Fast & Furious 6′

From rage-addled car crashes, to bullet-riddled showdowns, to a criminal bent on ruin, Fast & Furious 6 packs plenty of punch.

But it’s not without some much-needed comedic relief, thanks to Tyrese Gibson and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, who reprise their roles as Roman and Tej, respectively, in the sixth installment of the speed-addicted franchise.

“This is what we do on a daily basis, even off camera,” Ludacris explained to Celebuzz’s Cory Lopez of his and Tyrese’s knack for humor. “We rag on each other, we joke all the time.”

“So it’s fun when we get to come to set and go off script and improv and, ya know, it ends up getting in the movie,” he continued. “It’s a balance.”

While fans come out to theater’s for Fast’s suspenseful high-flying cars stunts and fistfights, Tyrese thinks the film is not complete without some wisecracking.

“There’s so much action, and people are so serious in this movie. There’s a lot of baby oil flying around,” Tyrese said, referring (randomly) to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s ever-so shiny muscles. “So we like to come in and just make sure that people are actually enjoying themselves when they come out and spend their hard-earned bucks on a movie of this caliber.”

“If you’re not laughing, feeling emotional, and on the edge of your seat in one movie,” he continued, “then we’ve missed the mark.”

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