If You Don’t Show Sidebutt This Summer You Will Be Shunned So Get It Together

Did y’all see Ke$ha at the  Billboard Music Awards and think, “Wow, she’s brave to wear so little makeup at such a star-studded event.” If so then you’re probably dead or an Evangelical or work for Hollywood Life or something because the rest of the world was agog about her Givenchy dress that showed off her formidable haunches.

Sidebutt (or “Side-butt”) is now A Thing after the “Die Young” singer pranced down the blue carpet like a prized racehorse to show off how the human body reacts to infinite amounts of squat-thrust exercises. And if you think that Sidebutt is something only Ke$ha can pull-off because she’s so $a$$y then check or wreck, kids, because you forgot about Gwyneth Paltrow at the Iron Man 3 premiere.   Or Jennifer Lopez at the Parker premiere. Or Heidi Klum at whatever this event was. To repeat: it’s a A Thing.

Adjust your wardrobe and workout routines accordingly.


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