Alex McCord Reflects On Last Night's 'RHOC' Episode: 'Let's Lease A Rolls Royce'

Each week, Alex McCord shares with Celebuzz readers her thoughts on a new episode of The Real Housewives Of Orange County.

Watch the video for McCord's take on Lauri Waring Peterson's return and why the heck Slade Smiley felt it necessary to upgrade Gretchen Rossi's lease.  McCord notes that because this is reality tv we're dealing with, it’s entirely possible that some dealership, in order to get publicity, upgraded their Mercedes lease to a Rolls.  Odds are, it’s not costing them a dime extra.



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  • tabbybear

    Alex, do you have any idea how beautiful and talented you are? I miss being able to watch you on housewives. These 5 or 6 min. vlogs are great but just not enough Alex. I wish they would give you and Simon and your family a spin off of your own. I adore Bethany but I think a show about you and yours would be even better. JMHO

  • Alex McCord
    Alex McCord

    Amber, you're right -- I don't want Alexis booted out. I'm just sick of her being tortured by the ladies AND the editors. I like Lydia except for the mom storyline -- I hope they dump it and let us see more of her with the girls.... And Rachael no one should be calling anyone stupid!!

  • Amber Buckley Lyons
    Amber Buckley Lyons

    i would agree on the content level that alexis should only appear with the ladies, but then they would be successful at their cruel plan to get her booted off the show by excluding her. They are so mean to her that I can't help but root for Alexis. The Rolls Royce gift has done no favors for G and S already tarnished reputation with the viewers no matter what the real story is. Lydia just needs to go, more people like her mother than her. The pignose, another Bravo set up just like Laurie and "friend" Tamara in the jewelry store, eck.

  • Rachael Wallin Atamian
    Rachael Wallin Atamian

    you know what I am sick of....Vicki calling Gretchen stupid....It is so low class.