“This Is The Best Caption Contest Ever,” Says The Demon Using Britney Spears’ Body As A Host Vessel

Britney Spears caption contests are my favorite caption contests, and this photo is a perfect example of why that’s true. Are you not entertained by that face? I SAID, “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!” That’s a quote from a famous movie. Crossroads, I think. #Classic #NetflixingRightNowTBH #IAlsoHaveTheUrgeToWatchTheExcorcistForSomeReason

While I am watching movies, you guys should entertain yourselves with our winning captions:

“Good God, I’m gonna rip my hair out if I don’t get some Cheetos!”” – Deeanna

“Pat Your Head, Rub Your Tummy Challenge 2013″ – Effie

“oops i did it again” – Reenee


“call the Winchester boys….there is demon in her body!!” – Jennifer

“I see you lookin at me
Like I’m some kind of freak
Get up out of your seat
Why dont you do somethin’?” – Yessica

Keep Calm and do the Emily Rose.” – Justin

Shave it all off, wait I already did that once.” – Tammie

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