CBS Postpones ‘Mike & Molly’ Season Finale in Wake of Oklahoma Tornado Tragedy

Mike & Molly fans will have to wait a little bit longer for the show’s season three finale. The episode, called “Windy City,” was supposed to air last night, but was postponed indefinitely by CBS after at least 24 people were killed by a tornado that ripped through the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore.

In the episode, Mike and Molly, played by Bill Gardell and Melissa McCarthy, are stuck at a Renaissance Faire as a tornado approaches Chicago. Out of respect to the victims, CBS decided to air a re-run of Mike & Molly last night in the episode’s place. “Due to tragic events this afternoon in Oklahoma, we are pre-empting tonight’s season finale of Mike & Molly, which has a related storyline,” CBS said in a statement.

Right now it is unclear when CBS will air the finale, saying only that it will wait until “an appropriate date.”

CBS recently picked up Mike & Molly for a fourth season, however it did not place the show on the schedule at its upfront presentation last week, saying the show would come back sometime during midseason.