Courtney Stodden Spends Her Second Anniversary Showing Off Her Boobs To Children

For Doug Hutchison, Disneyland just got a whole lot happier.

On Monday, the Green Mile actor and his teen bride, Courtney Stodden, celebrated their second anniversary (yes, you’ve read that correctly) at Disney’s California Adventure theme park.

Not to let Minnie Mouse steal her thunder, Stodden — as usual — made sure all eyes were on her as she strutted around the park wearing her hot pink bra under a sheer top and her signature pair of lucite heels.

Stodden, 18, and her 52-year-old husband rode Mickey’s Fun Wheel before hitting up the park’s California Screamin’ roller coaster, where the aspiring songstress looked like she had trouble getting her, um, assets into the safety harness.

As someone in the Celebuzz office plainly put it, “Whoa, talk about Tower of Terror.”