Good Luck Movin’ Up Cause Robert Pattinson’s Movin’ Out of Kristen Stewart’s House

You know what they say, fool me once, shame on you; throw me a stupid birthday party I didn’t want; shame on me. Robert Pattinson was photographed moving his things out of Kristen Stewart’s Los Angeles home this weekend, after the two reportedly broke up again. The two allegedly started fighting after Pattinson skipped a 27th birthday party which Stewart held in his honor. That fight allegedly stirred up past tensions and now the vampiric home that Stephanie Meyer built is a broken one.

Us Weekly reports there is a chance the two could reconcile so don’t delete your hardrive full of Twilight fan-fiction just yet. But when it comes to terrible ways to treat your partner, skipping a party someone planned in your honor is pretty high up there, behind, you know, cheating. So from the outside looking in, it appears that both of these two are just selfish garbage people who either shouldn’t really be in a relationship at all, or deserve each other.

Anyhow, Pattinson is now reportedly holed up at his home merely blocks aways from Stewart’s in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. So now you know why your teenage daughter was “too depressed for texting, even” at breakfast this morning.