Here Are the 5 Contenders for Song of the Summer (So Far)

Summer’s about to kick into overdrive, which means it’s once again time for everyone to gather ’round and predict which song will dominate and define the next couple of months on the radio.

Already, we have a boatload of contenders, ranging from the obvious (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) to the random (Robin Thicke? What?).

But who will actually win this sucker? Check out our analysis of five major contenders, below.

Song: ‘Blurred Lines’

Artist: Robin Thicke (feat. T.I. & Pharrell)

Analysis: This song was basically DOA about a month ago; but thanks to a quick performance on The Voice last week, it’s suddenly everywhere — including in our heads. While the actual quality of the song remains in question (that falsetto? really?), you can’t deny it’s catchy. Which is a good thing if you want to win this race.
Chances of Winning: Strong (For Now)

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Song: ‘Just Give Me a Reason’

Artist: P!nk (feat. Nate Ruess)

Analysis: P!nk’s latest take on adult angst has already struck a chord with music audiences; it topped the Billboard Hot 100 a couple of weeks ago, and lingered a bit longer. Like ‘Blurred Lines,’ ‘Reason’ has a catchy hook of up-and-down notes, and the collaboration between P!nk and Nate Ruess is inspired, if random. We just hope it doesn’t encourage people to pay more attention to fun.

Chances of Winning: Very Strong

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Song: ‘Can’t Hold Us’

Artist: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. Ray Dalton)

Analysis: Given that we live in a world in which a Black Eyed Peas song can top the charts for months, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that ‘Can’t Hold Us,’ the latest song from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, is doing well. But that doesn’t mean it’s any good. With a frantic beat and spastic melody, the song has the same effect as putting all of Sybil’s personalities into one room: total chaos. Which is also a good thing if you want to win this race.

Chances of Winning: Ugh. Probably, Yeah

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Song: ‘#Beautiful’

Artist: Mariah Carey (feat. Miguel)

Analysis: This could actually turn out to be the song to watch. Not only is it dominated by Carey’s cohort, Miguel, it has that perfect blend of freshness and subtlety that plays perfectly on radio. Plus, it’s just a really good song.

Chances of Winning: We’ll See

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Song: ‘Get Lucky’

Artist: Daft Punk

Analysis: ‘Get Lucky’ is sure to win over people who had never heard of Daft Punk before (shame on you!) but don’t expect this one to travel too far beyond the borders of Williamsburg. If anything, it feels like the song you might hear while shopping at a mall.

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