Olivia Munn Shows Off Her Bikini Bod for ‘Esquire’

Olivia Munn is definitely ready for bikini season.

The 32-year-old actress and fanboy favorite is showing off her fit figure in Esquire (there are squirt guns and daisy dukes involved) and she’s lookin’ good.

Ms. Munn revealed to the mag that she was a bit of an outcast as a kid by saying, “All the kids were cliqued up. I would end up eating with the old librarians.”

Olivia got her big break when she hosted the gamer-centric series, Attack of the Show! She made waves in Hollywood this past year by taking on roles in films like Magic Mike and The Babymakers. She also starred in The Newsroom and did a hilarious stint on New Girl.

Check out more from Olivia’s interview on Esquire.com.