Beyoncé Suggests Some Ugly Dresses for You to Wear, Because in Beyoncé’s World No One is Pretty But Beyoncé

Beyoncé does not know her own PIN number. Beyoncé has never actually used her own iPhone. It’s Beyoncé’s world and we’re just living in it. This is why Rent the Runway — a site that lets customers rent designer duds for a fraction of the price — must have been thrilled to ink a partnership with the icon. What they didn’t know is that Beyoncé will do anything to keep the rest of us looking like the potato sack-wearing commoners we really are (Michelle Williams and her pants ensembles could have told you that years ago).

In Rent the Runway’s Beyoncé Boutique you can purportedly get some of Beyoncé’s favorite looks for decidedly un-Beyoncé prices (Beyoncé doesn’t even remember what a $1 bill looks like). Upon close inspection, however, the keen eye will observe that while these may be B looks, they are not A+ looks. The outfits are all sequins and lamé with not one covered knee to be found. In fact, the dresses all look like they belong at Becky’s Bachelorette Bash in Vegas (which was probably fun!) and nowhere else.