Welcome to Our Very First “No Undies Allowed” Caption Contest, Starring Eva Longoria!

So, Eva Longoria walks into a film festival, and something something… I don’t remember… but anyway, the punchline is she accidentally showed everyone her Cannesberry :(

On a related note, because I clearly have a talent, I’ve written a book of jokes, and it will be available to purchase very soon. So please keep an eye out and don’t forget to send me a lot of your hard-earned money because, frankly, I deserve it. Because it’s so funny. The book, I mean. Also the fact that Eva forgot to wear underwear. That’s also funny. Your captions, on the other hand, are not funny; they are HILARIOUS:

“Who the hell stuck a CB! down my panties?” – Jeff

“shoes $600; Designer gown $4000; Jewelry $100,000; no panties Priceless” – Dale

“Oops there it is.” – Rachael

“Oh crap i just pulled a britney!” – Kassie

“Can this night get any worse?” – Cheryl

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[Image via Celebslam]