CBS Adds One More Show To Its 2013 Lineup

Last week, CBS threw a big party where it trotted out a bunch of glittery celebs like Robin Williams and Anna Faris and boasted about how great its new season was going to be. But, whoops, it forgot one! A little single camera comedy starring Ari Graynor called Bad Teacher, based on the Cameron Diaz movie of the same name.

CBS issued a news release today saying that it was, in fact, picking up Bad Teacher for the 2013 season. It did not give any details about which time-slot the show will air during. Graynor plays the titular role played by Diaz in the movie. Ryan Hansen, Sara Gilbert and Kristin Davis were also involved in the pilot, but CBS’ release makes no mention of them and it’s not exactly unheard of for TV roles to be recast.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I actually liked Bad Teacher when it came out, but much of that enjoyment came from the movie’s unapologetically irreverent — and vulgar — humor. These are things that will have to be stripped from the TV show, leaving a “bad” teacher, who doesn’t really act all that badly. Graynor, Hansen, Gilbert and Davis are a pretty good cast, though, and could perhaps make this show something special. All will be revealed when the show eventually makes its mystery premiere sometime in the next 12 months.