Forget Bankruptcy, Janice Dickinson Moves Into A New $1.4 Million Pad

What do you do when you’re nearly $1 million in debt?

Well, if you’re Janice Dickinson you drop $1.43 million on a Beverly Hills home, of course.

The newly-bankrupt credit card happy and sharp-tongued former catwalker has moved into a brand new 2,700 square foot pad thanks to her physician fiancé Dr. Robert Gerner, who plunked down the cash for a Zen-like retreat in the hills of 90210, Celebuzz has confirmed.

The self-professed “world’s first supermodel” closed on the pricey property in December 2012 and recently moved in amidst shocking financial woes. Just how bad? The New York Post reports “her unpaid taxes date back more than a decade, with more than $500,000 due to New York state, California and the IRS.” This also includes $8,000 in unpaid doctor bills to Michael Jackson’s former dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein and visits to anti-aging doc Dr. Uzzi Reiss.

But what’s a little thing like money when you’ve got a wealthy fiancé to sweep you off your feet (and put a roof over your head).

The completely renovated 3-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom abode is the first big joint purchase for these nearly-newlyweds and comes with stylish hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, romantic oversized fireplace and spa-like bathrooms.

And the 58-year-old reality star will be able to channel that infamous angst into her tri-level meditation garden, where she’s working on growing a green thumb.

“It’s wonderful. I’m a gardener now. I’m growing tomatoes and I have a vegetable garden,” she told CB!.

And she’ll need to find all the Chi she can get.

“I’m never going to recover from bankruptcy. If I have to file bankruptcy again, I will,” she admitted.

But she insists she’s working hard so she doesn’t have to to go down that road again, adding that she’s in the middle of a new TV venture that she hopes will get catapult her out of her mound of debt.

“It will never happen again. I’m smarter now going through this,” Dickinson said.

“I’ve learned to make amends for my behavior. I’m in recovery and it’s always a process.”

Discovering her Zen-place will also free her up to start the wedding planning process, which (when she’s ready to set a date) boasts will be an “extravaganza.”

“Wedding planning is not my forte,” she said. “I don’t want it to seem like I’m the runaway bride, but when it does happen it’s going to be huge.”