Michelle Rodriguez Talks Bringing Letty Back in ‘Fast & Furious 6′

Leave it to Letty Ortiz to rise from the dead.

After her apparent death in the fourth Fast & Furious film, Michelle Rodriguez’s butt-kicking, tough-talking, car-racing chick is resurrected in the sixth installment of the illustrious, pedal-pushing franchise. And Rodriguez has her fans, who long petitioned for Letty’s return, much to thank for that.

“I worked so hard to make her respectable and cool in the first one, and Vin backed me up so much on that,” she told Celebuzz’s Cory Lopez of reprising the beloved role. “He fought so hard to maintain the integrity of ‘street’ in the franchise.”

“[So] it’s really refreshing when the audience grabs that and says ‘Hey, that is cool. Bring it back,'” she explained. “I’m like ‘Are you kidding me? That’s so cool!'”

And it was not just the lose of Letty that left fans yearning for more — it was her unfinished love story with Dom Torretto, Vin Diesel’s surprisingly soft-hearted, street-racing fugitive.

“It’s a contemporary, urban love story,” Rodriguez said. “If I try to think back at all the films from our generation, generation Y, all the late ’80s, ’90s movies, and I try to find that street love… there isn’t. Not with my skin color, not with Vin’s tone. You really don’t see a lot of that. Maybe [Poetic Justice] with Tupac [Shakur] and Janet Jackson came the closest, but that’s it.”

And it’s that hole in film history that is now filled by the Letty-Dom love, a romance than fans find relatable.

“It’s also that vibe, you know,” she continued. “Like, he’s street, and I’m street in many ways. Of course, not anymore, but we have that background where a lot of girls in the audience can say ‘You know what? That’s me,’ or a lot of boys in the audience can say, ‘That’s me,’ when they look at Vin. I think it’s really just that. We have these attainable faces, if you will. We don’t have these celebrity faces.”

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