Ashley Benson On ‘PLL”s ‘Crazy, Unexpected, Scary’ Season 4

Calling all Pretty Little Liars fans. Ashley Benson is dishing on Season 4, her dream role, what kind of guy she’s on the lookout for this summer and more.

Celebuzz got the chance to catch up with the PLL star yesterday after she kicked-off 7-Eleven’s Summer Slurpee Days in Hollywood, announcing that all medium-sized Slurpee drinks are 49-cents for Memorial Day Weekend. Pretty Little Liars watchers have been waiting months to find out what’s in store for the girls (um–what’s in the trunk?!) so we asked her what we can expect when the June 11th premiere rolls around.

Ashley teased:

“You’ll find out who’s in the trunk. You will see a lot of stuff with me and my mom, we get into a lot of trouble this season. A lot of Haleb stuff. A lot of Mona coming into the PLLs–that’s gonna be kinda weird.”

Yay, Haleb! But when we mentioned her co-star and good friend Tyler Blackburn’s (Caleb) departure to PLL spin-off RavenswoodAshley expressed her dismay. “I can’t talk about it, I’m so sad.”

Toby is another question mark for Pretty Little Liars fans, so we had to ask if we can trust him. Her response? “Ooh, I don’t know. You can’t trust anybody on this show. It’s really hard ’cause good guys come out and you’re just like, ‘what?’ So…I don’t know. As of now? I guess.”

As for any shocking deaths this season? “There’s always death in PLL,” Ashley said. Interesting…

Benson talked a little about how her character Hanna has changed over the last four seasons. “She’s gotten more independent. She has more of a voice. She’s really protective of her friends and she’s just a tough girl.” We also asked her which PLL she relates to the most and she told us, “I relate to Hanna and her humor because that’s me, like everything she says is me. The writers have gotten to know me so well, so that’s cool.” She also remarked that she doesn’t relate to Spencer, but likes her and Emily’s clothes.

Ashley recently took a darker turn for her role in Spring Breakers. So, what would be her dream role and who would be her dream co-stars?

“I wanna work with Michael Fassbender. Christoph Waltz, I’d love to work with. Natalie Portman. I would love to be like a heroine/drug addict, like really messed up. I sound crazy, but it’s because I live such a normal life. Besides working in this industry… my life is so normal so I don’t see that everyday. I’ve never seen that in my life, in movies. I guess, for me, acting is acting and if I play someone kind of close to who I am I don’t feel like I’m challenging myself. If I play someone who’s completely different and I have to live that life and just become a completely different person it’s more challenging, it’s more fun, and I respect it so much more because I had to go to a whole different thing during filming.”

She added, “I love dark movies. I love badass roles. And I would love to do a comedy. I mean I want to do everything, but right now I’m kind of into the edgy thing.”

Her thoughts on how a Spring Breakers sequel might play out? “Oh, man. More shooting guns. More beanies. More masks. More bathing suits.” Sounds about right to us.

Ashley also said she’s taking up the guitar and her summer playlist includes Angus & Julia Stone, Billie Holiday, Rihanna, Kanye, The xx, and a newer group called Big Black Delta.”My friend brought me to one of their shows. Unbelievable. So talented…really good.”

When we asked Ashley about her chances of a summer fling, she revealed what she’s looking for in a guy:

“I’m looking for a British guy or a Frenchman. It’s hard ’cause I live in LA. That’s who I’m looking for and it’s gonna take me a while to find that, but hey, help me out!”

You hear that Brits and Frenchmen of Los Angeles?

Ashley described this upcoming season of PLL as “crazy, unexpected, scary.” We can’t wait to see her back in action as Hanna when the show returns!