Brooke Mueller Is Planning Six Months Of ‘Total Reconditioning’ In Rehab

So forget the umteenth number of times Brooke Mueller has been to rehab… apparently all 20 of her reported stints were just practice runs. This time around Charlie Sheen’s ex wants to take the strides to nip her long history of drug abuse in the bud once and for all, Celebuzz has learned.

“She’s a lot more serious this time around because it involves her children being taken away. She’s determined,” a source close to Mueller told Celebuzz.

In fact, she’s so so intent on sobriety, she’s planning long-term treatment.

“She wants to do six months of total reconditioning. She may do three months in residence and three months out-patient,” added the source. “She will be taking parenting classes. She’s got books on it now and reading about it.”

While Mueller has voluntarily checked herself into a residential rehab facility, Denise Richards has been awarded custody of her 4-year-old twin boys Max and Bob, who were reportedly removed from their mother’s home earlier this month by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services over concerns she was using drugs again.

But the source insists that Mueller did not overdose, despite reports to the contrary.

“She was just overmedicated on whatever medications she was taking,” said the source, including Adderall for Attention Deficit Disorder. “They were bad for her and it took its toll.”

“This is a life change. All the other times in rehab were to get her off all the drugs.

“Now she wants to get back to her starting her life over as a mom. Rehab is about maintaining a home, controlling her meds and understanding what she needs to be on and what she doesn’t need to be on.”