Celebrities Get Weird With Baguettes and Other Funny Things

I don’t know. So there is this Tumblr, Baguette-Me-Nots, which features celebrities and comedians using baguettes in ways that you probably shouldn’t use baguettes. It’s a thing. Welcome to the internet, and to the world of celebrities, both places where anything — and I do mean anything — goes. Don’t get me wrong, bread is funny. It was, after all, central to the plot of Les Misérables, the funniest movie of all time. It’s not that bread isn’t funny, it’s just… is this particular bread funny? It’s up to you to decide for yourself. You’re an adult, and I can’t make you laugh at bread if you don’t want to laugh at bread.

Also, Arrested Development returns, finally, on Sunday, so Bluth-related memeing is at an all-time high. And I think those are the only two things that have happened on the internet this week? So let’s get down to business!

First, please enjoy some more baguette humor:

And, as previously mentioned, there is a lot of funny Arrested Development material circulating, including these cause posters by Shutterstock:

And this supercut of all the show’s many running gags:

I would like to end things today with a wonderful Kendrick Lamar/Mad Men mashup:

And with that, we end this week’s Celebrity Meme Roundup. But it doesn’t really have to end here. Send us your favorite memes and macros by using the widget below:

You can also tweet or Instagram it to us using the hashtag #CelebuzzMemes.

See you next week!