Here’s Where You’ll Be Seeing Bradley Cooper Next

Ever since The Hangover hit theaters in 2009, Bradley Cooper has become one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood.

For awhile, though, it seemed like he might go the route of, say, Gerard Butler, after starring in bomb (All About Steve), after bomb (The Words) after bomb (The A-Team, ugh). He was basically one romantic comedy away from becoming an on-screen nuisance.

But then he got an Oscar nomination for Silver Linings Playbook this year and started lining up projects that were actually legit. We’re talking Spielberg-legit.

So, where will you be seeing Cooper after The Hangover: Part III (in theaters today, unfortunately) comes and goes this summer? Check out the five — yep, five — projects he has in the works, below.

Serena: Cooper reteams with his Silver Linings Playbook co-star Jennifer Lawrence in this Depression-era drama, about a woman who cannot bear her husband’s children. Susanna Bier (After the Wedding) directs. (Sept. 27)

American Hustle: Cooper reteams with his Silver Linings Playbook co-star Jennifer Lawrence (again!) and director David O. Russell in this retelling of the FBI’s ABSCAM plot in the ’70s. The hair and costumes look appropriately nuts. (2013)

Untitled Cameron Crowe Project: Down-and-out director Cameron Crowe tries to find his first hit since, oh, let’s just come out and say it, Jerry Maguire, in this convoluted-sounding romantic comedy, about a weapons defense contractor (Cooper) who falls for an Air Force pilot (Emma Stone). In Stone’s case, hopefully she will take everything that Kirsten Dunst did in Elizabethtown and do the exact opposite. (TBD)

American Sniper: It just doesn’t get much better than Steven Spielberg, does it? Cooper will find out for himself when he stars in Spielberg’s next venture, ‘American Sniper,’ based on the autobiography by sharp-shooting Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. (2015)

Chef: Cooper will play — what else? — a Parisian chef who tries to rebuild his career after controlled substances had previously ruined it. It’s basically like a movie version of Kitchen Confidential that short-lived comedy on FOX that nobody watched but me. John Wells of August: Osage County will direct. (TBD)