This Selena Gomez Caption Contest Results Post Features the World’s Greatest Portmanteau*

Here’s something funny I just thought of: SILLYNA GOMEZ! Hahahaha, do you get it? Instead of Selena Gomez? Because she’s being “silly” in this picture? Excuse me, Pulitzer Prize Committee, please send my prizes to Celebuzz Headquarters, thank you.

And the silliness continues with yesterday’s winning captions:

“no no, THIS is how Taylor did it!” – April

“Taylor stuck her tongue out at me and Justin so I’m gonna stick my tongue out at her and….oh that’s right she doesn’t have a man!” – Ashley

“I’m Juthtin Beiba” – Tanya

“And this is the look he gave me when I told it was really, really, really over!” – Brittany

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