CommentBuzz: Our Favorite Reader Comments About Justin Bieber, Khloe Kardashian, Courtney Stodden, and More

Dear readers! It’s finally upon us! Our three day weekend is just about here, and it’s so close I can almost taste it. Do you have any fun plans? Going to see a summer movie? A barbecue, perhaps? Or maybe you’re just looking forward to an extra sleep-in day?

Before we all head out to soak up some booze sun, and generally enjoy some much-needed R&R, let’s take a brief look back at The Week That Was: Justin Bieber was booed during the Billboard Music Awards, Khloe Kardashian shared her heartwarming message for Kim, we heard new Beyoncé music, and we all got excited about the return of Arrested Development this weekend.

Of course, when we have great celeb stories to talk about, you guys leave great comments. Every Friday, we like to share a few of our favorite comments with you, and that’s what CommentBuzz is all about. Remember, if you would like to be featured in our weekly roundup, simply leave comments on your favorite articles. And with that, let’s get to the good stuff!

First up, Justin Bieber’s BBMA speech and the booing that followed proved a hot talking point for you:

“What adult would stoop so low? Yes, haters … I just smh. I don’t know Justin personally, but I have been a big fan for a long time. He gives back and remembers where he came from and that is worth respect. Not to mention he is 19 and does have more money and power than anyone as an international World’s Greatest Pop Sensation In History Ever Right This Minute!!! Think about that next time you want to act immature and boo him. Or anyone!” – Candy

“People who hate on him know next to nothing about him-except overblown or false reports in gossip sites which I could go into detail on. But they don’t hear of his work with children over the years. He has visited terminally ill fans in hospitals and contributed to schools for poor kids-the other day he donated 20,000 dollars to a school which he visited. Almost nothing in the media about this-yes, he is a good kid even if he makes mistakes as we all do.” – Ivan

“Well my issues with him and Miley is that they seem to not care about the YOUNG fans that they seem to leave behind and how they are influencing them. After all it is the fans that have made them who they are wether they have angelic voices or not. I know 4 year olds that love them and yet they toss them aside. You CAN grow up and move on without dressing like a bad ass ir smoking with pics coming out all over the place.when they CARE how it affects others then they will be grown!” – Maria

“I don’t care for him nor celebrate him but I wish him nothing but great success and he’s young and having fun and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that” – Adamah

“Bieber is definitely channeling General Zod from Superman 2 in that outfit” – Kadrian

Khloe’s kind message to Kim doubled as a middle finger to the haters and inspired a lot of conversation on Celebuzz:

“wow khloe your letter put tears in my eyes nothing i can say says it better then that..i 2 have 2 sisters and would give anything of myself to take any pain away i like you and your family love to watch the show keep on keeping on girls you to rob..this is my little sister and i am trying to help her please if u can repost and say a word or two about abuse to women and there kids trying to escape this kind of life and break the chain of a buse blessing to you and yours peace out” – Emily

“naw so touching p.s i agree with kim youre adorable kim everything about you and your family are wonderful just wish some people could at least understand life aint easy being famous . everything you say , wear people always got remarks about them and 60% of em always be negative for someone like you as khloe says i must agree you are very strong in putting up with all the negativity others have to say about you . love you kimmie and your entire family cannot wait to see pictures of baby kimye !!” – loudash

Helen Mirren, dressed as Queen Elizabeth, won our hearts when she visited a dying boy in the hospital:

“BRAVA to a brilliant character actress with a giving character and a heart of gold! Sometimes just a little time taken out of one’s life can mean the world to another . This is proof positive…” – Dee Rupe

And it wouldn’t be CommentBuzz without one or two remarks about Courtney Stodden:

“No, really! She IS 16 and has had NO work done…lol sarcasm. U know what my parents would do to me if i was a teenager and wanted to marry a man in his 50s?! Sounds like parenting gone terribly wrong…or they just wanted their 15 minutes of fame at the expense of their daughter. That’s IF she really is a teenager…” – Kris Jones

“I think it’s easy to say that if a birthday party turned out to be a big deal and opened a can of worms, then he was pretty much fed up by that point. To be honest, I was surprised he got back with her in the first place, but well, I think the blindfold is down now.” – yesiam

Lastly, we all felt different emotions after seeing the photos of Robert Pattinson packing his things and moving out of Kristen Stewart’s house:

“Omg Kristen was only trying to do something nice how childish can rob get” – Carmen Sarah

“haha selfish garbage people sums it all up” – Lissette

That’s all we have time for this week, Celebuzzers. Thanks for contributing! Remember, if you want to be featured in next week’s CommentBuzz, simply leave comments on your favorite articles.

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