Mariah Carey’s GMA Appearance This Morning Was a #Beautiful Disaster

Mariah Carey performed in Central Park this morning for Good Morning America’s summer concert series. As they are wont to do when Mariah goes unscripted, things got messy.

First Mariah suffered a sort of wardrobe malfunction when her dress popped open. Her reaction produced the instant classic, “I love you, Donatella, but it popped dahhhling.” This was all predicated by Mariah confusing the acts of “going to sleep” and “waking up,” which caused her to giggle so hard, she snapped the zipper on the back of her dress.

However, Mariah’s reign of terror was not over. Thinking they’d narrowly escaped the astronomical FCC fine a bare breast on network television illicits, GMA’s producers allowed themselves to relax, but it was too soon. Just about 10 minutes later, Mariah uttered “s**t” live on air after she nearly tripped taking her shoes off before performing her new song. You can watch that snafu here:

Here’s to Mariah Carey, keeping it weird since 1990.