Selena Gomez Steps Out With Jaden Smith in London

Look away, Biebs!

Less than a week after showing affections for on-and-off beau Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez has stepped out with his good buddy and sometimes collaborator, Jaden Smith.

Gomez, 20, and Smith, 14, were spotted dining à deux at classy Cantonese eatery Hakkasan in London on Thursday night. Donning an all-black ensemble, the former Disney darling did her best to avoid being snapped by the paparazzi as she entered and exited the establishment.

It's not the first time Smith has taken in London with a lady friend. Just three months ago, he hit the town with Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kendall Jenner, spending an afternoon strolling the streets together and even grabbing dinner at world-renowned Japanese restaurant, Nobu.

But was this latest get-together business or pleasure? Well, both Gomez and Smith are both across the pond for publicity — she is plugging her upcoming summer album, Stars Dance, while he is continuing his promo push for his latest father-son effort with Will Smith, After Earth. And that's led them to cross paths: both are set to appear on BBC's The Graham Norton Show Friday night.

"Tonights show is really special. Will Smith @officialjaden, Bradley Cooper, @imheathergraham, Michael Douglas, @selenagomez," host Norton tweeted. "So good! watch!"

Whether or not a romance is blooming, there's not doubt that Smith is thrilled to call Gomez, at the very least, a "friend," as he made clear while chatting with BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw on Thursday. When the host commented that he had Gomez in studio the day prior, Smith excitedly exclaimed, "Really?"

"Easy buddy," his father responded. "What's with all that energy buddy?" The Karate Kid star got defensive: "She's a friend!" he said. "If I knew that she was here, I would've been like, 'Hey. What's up?'"

Way to play it cool, kid.



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  • Fatima Garcia Malik
    Fatima Garcia Malik

    If Selena Gomez who is 20 can date a fourteen year old, how comee it would be wrong if Harry Styles whos 19 date meh?

  • Zineb Outarocht
    Zineb Outarocht

    OMG i've just found out that jaden is only 14 , Just like me <3 and he's crazy man ! #love youuu

  • Tatiana Flores
    Tatiana Flores

    Is no one else concerned with him being 14 and her almost 21 if they ever dated???

  • Katie-Nancy Diegan
    Katie-Nancy Diegan

    she so gorgeous keep doing you girl. dont let no one run you down!

  • nazmayet786

    look at selena she looks gross,,her makeup eish

  • tamara22

    People sould just leave it alone its non of their busniss who she hangs out with or what she dose

  • thtgurlnae12

    U got tht cute guy u better enjoy gurllll