Who’s on Twitter? Vol. 4

There are more than 500 million people on Twitter. Some of them are teens. But some of them are famous people! And since we can’t all be Justin Bieber, Celebuzz is paying tribute to the decidedly less high profile users of Twitter.

Mia Farrow
Age: 68
Occupation: Actor
Twitter Handle: @MiaFarrow

While Mia Farrow has not completely retired from acting, she remains most famous for her many roles in Woody Allen’s films like Hannah and Her Sisters, The Purple Rose of Cairo and A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy as well as her role in the classic Rosemary’s Baby. Now she’s on Twitter and she’s pretty great at it.

Farrow is very vocal on Twitter about the causes she cares deeply about, namely LGBTQ rights, gun control and the intersection of politics and poverty in Africa.

Farrow also sporadically posts photos of what she’s up to, with the caption “now.”

She’s great, right?

And now you know who’s on Twitter.