Bradley Cooper is Still Trying to Make the Ponytail Happen

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As far as fashion goes, Bradley Cooper’s had a wavy week, to say the least.

First he walked the red carpet in a burnt orange suit for the Los Angeles premiere of Hangover Part 3.

He went all natural with his hair and while it looked soft and luscious, it could’ve used a little product or styling.

Next, he flew across the pond for the Hangover Part 3 premiere in London, where he won back some hearts with a dapper three-piece suit and his hair gelled back ever so lightly.

On Friday night, still in London, B-Coops decided it was time to bring the samurai ponytail back, as he hit the town with his buddy Michael Fassbender and Fassbender’s lady friend.

Cooper fans will recall that the actor last sported this look in the fall, when he was still filming the new Hangover film.

“My character, Phil, has long hair, and it always goes in my face, so I just keep this,” he told Esquire in its November 2012 issue.

“Don’t you get to a certain age where you try to live comfortably?” he continued. “I might look like some sort of elf or something, but my hair’s not in my face and I can talk to you.”

Judging from the set pictures of Cooper’s current project — David O. Russell’s American Hustle — perhaps his latest hairstyle is purely related to work again. But please, Mr. Cooper, let down your hair when you’re not filming.