And That’s Why You Always Leave a Note: Mitch Hurwitz Pens Letter to ‘Arrested Development’ Fans, Haters

The Bluths returned to our lives thanks to Netflix at the stroke of midnight on Sunday, as all 15 episodes of Arrested Development season four went live.

In a nod to one of the show’s recurring gags, show creator Mitch Hurwitz left a note for his fans, because, well, you know.

Addressing an ever-growing group that includes “friends,” “fans,” “detractors,” “enemies” and “arch enemies,” Hurwitz pours his heart out in a two-page note, written at 7:45PT on Saturday.

Here’s the note in full, courtesy of the official AD Facebook page:

We love don’t know you either, Mr. Hurwitz.

So, how is/was season four?

[Lead image courtesy of Facebook/Getty Images]