17 Tweets That Prove Russell Crowe is Either Way Smarter or Way Crazier Than You

Russell Crowe
Born on a faraway planet where phone tossing is a customary greeting, Russell Crowe was sent to Earth as a young child to make films for humans to enjoy. And while he has mostly succeeded at that mission, he provides far more entertainment on Twitter, where his attempts at human interaction often resemble the stream of conscious writing style employed by William Faulkner in As I Lay Dying.

Crowe often tweets about his workouts or the work he's doing on his farm. When he has a movie coming out, he asks his followers when it comes out, rather than use, say, Google. However, just because he's limited to 140 characters, doesn't mean Crowe limits his tweets to one subject. They often dart around from thought to thought like a Gladiator, becoming difficult to follow. This does not make them any less fun. When Crowe isn't spouting non-sequiturs at the speed of light, he's waxing poetic about his favorite things: maps, namely.

These are 17 of Crowe's best tweets.




















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  • bibe

    I love you Russell.....You are much smarter, crazier and definitely physically stronger than me.... I don`t want to look smart by trying to guess what you say, I just read your tweets and glad when you are happy

  • Jerre Lutz
    Jerre Lutz

    It's not an obsession, it's a hobby

  • Becky Arthur
    Becky Arthur

    well, of COURSE these tweets don't make sense when you take them out of context like this! i follow mr. crowe daily, and he is one of the most erudite and perceptive people on twitter (at least as far as i know - i don't follow many a-list actors). many of his tweets are in response to someone's question or are a continuation of his own tweetstream. for the writer of this article to claim that mr. crowe might be crazy(er than i am) on the basis of 17 random tweets is simply lazy journalism, which sadly i have come to expect. if mr. kessler, the 'author' of this ridiculous article, were to follow mr. crowe's tweetstream on a regular basis, he could do nothing but agree with my assessment that mr. c is brilliant, and he is also very kind, generous and thoughtful towards and funny with his fans. some of his tweets about his family are beautiful, touching and lyrical. but lazy journos must beware - you will earn the rough side of his tongue with this kind of 'reporting.'