‘Candidly Nicole’: 5 Drag Queen Rules From RuPaul

Nicole Richie is on a mission to be a bit more of a drag queen. So who better to learn from than the most legendary lady of them all, RuPaul?

“I don’t want to regret that I didn’t take advantage of my drag years,” Richie admits in the latest episode of her hit AOL webseries, Candidly Nicole.

That’s why the style maven steps into RuPaul’s school of drag, where she finds out how to dress, act and even speak like a true queen. And if you too are feeling the itch to dial up the drag in your life, here’s five take-home tips:

1. It’s all about your frame of mind.
“The drag mentality is taking what you have and turning the volume up to 14,” RuPaul explains. “We want you to be glamazon.” That means higher heels, shinier sequins, and frillier feathers. “So I need to stop thinking like a short girl,” Richie realizes, “and start thinking like a drag queen.” You getting it, girl.

2. When posing, elongate everything.
“T*ts out, Long neck, chin down,” RuPaul instructs Richie. “Push it out like that,” he adds, turning his hip out. Now vogue.

3. Forget reality — focus on fantasy.
“We don’t concentrate on real life,” RuPaul says. “We concentrate on drag. You’re born naked, and the rest is drag.”

4. What faux pas?
“Where can I rock a camel toe?” Richie asks. “There’s a time and a place for a camel toe,” RuPaul responds. Still, they both prefer camel as a color.

5. Repeat after me.
RuPaul teaches Richie some drag slang with this little nugget: “No T, no shade.” In short, it’s a preface that let’s someone know that you’re not trying to offend, you’re simply stating the obvious. “What’s the T? T is the truth. They say, ‘No T, no shade,’ which means, ‘Look, girl, I’m not trying to come for you, but let me just break it down for you,'” RuPaul explains. Richie catches on quickly: “Let me just school you, but I’m doing it to actually help you.”

Now that the course has concluded, Richie ready to rise to queendom. “Who is most going to enjoy me being a drag queen?” she says. “Probably my children.”