Watch the Music Video for Kelly Clarkson’s ‘People Like Us’

Kelly Clarkson threw her hat into the race for Song of the Summer on Tuesday by releasing the music video for her new pop anthem “People Like Us.”

The video puts the American Idol superstar in a futuristic, Big Brother-esque society, where doctors study the minds and actions of scared little children using their strategically placed Nokia cell phones.

Naturally, Kelly manages to bust one of the kids out of the hospital, where she then takes her to this weird, Oz-esque land where people are happy and everything is okay. The journey, of course, involves a high-speed chase in a strategically lit BMW. (Seriously, it’s like she’s in a Ford Focus commercial for Idol again.)

Product placement aside, the song is pretty good, and should keep fans in order until Kelly releases that Christmas CD she keeps talking about.

Check out the video for “People Like Us” — above — and head over to Directlyrics for the complete lyrics.