Chris Pine Gets No Love From New Gal Pal’s Fam

Chris Pine may be used to the deafening screams of fangirls everywhere, but don’t count on his new girlfriend’s family to be on his list of admirers.

His new bikini model gal pal Amanda Frances doesn’t quite get two thumbs up from her mom. In fact, this mama bear's got some fighting words for the Star Trek Into Darkness star.

“I never heard of him before,” Pamela DiPietro told Celebuzz.

“If he broke my daughter’s heart, they’ll be hell to pay. A little Italian mom coming out there and kick his a**,” she added, with a chuckle.

In fact, (insert surprise face here) she doesn't quite see where this leading man gets his Hollywood hunk status.

“I didn’t think he was that good looking. He’s got too much hair on his face and big eyebrows," she laughed.

“But I guess nobody is really good enough for her."

DiPietro admits that she saw the photo of Pine -- who just called it quits with Sport Illustrated model Dominique Piek -- and Frances holding hands while strolling out of Hollywood hotspot Bootsy Bellows May 24, but she had no clue her 23-year-old daughter was dating the superstar. (Mostly because she says her daughter knows she wouldn’t approve.)

“I don’t want her seeing him. I don’t want her to date celebrities. I’m not happy about it,” she said.

“We're really close. I just want her to come home,” she said of her hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. “I’m worried about that kind of lifestyle, I want her to live a normal life and not be a celebrity."

Her mom says Frances has been asked out by quite a few celebs, but this is the first time she got caught in the hand-holding act.

“She’s very picky. She only had one boyfriend in high school. So she’s dating this guy, he must be okay," said DiPietro.

“It doesn’t surprise me, but I hope it dies down fast."

She adds that her daughter mingles in celebrity circles, but she’s not looking to capitalize off Pine's fame.

“She just wants to be a model, she doesn’t want to be famous," she said. “She’s a smart girl. She's very grounded. I always say she’s an Asian wise man reincarnated."

Well, that's good news, considering the sexy actor recently opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about his single status and his perfect woman: "Sensitive, beauty and sense of humor," he said. "You have to be abe to carry a conversation. When lust dies down there has to be the thing that engages you."

But like many Hollywood romances, this young love may end just as quickly as it started. Pine could very well be pining for his new girl from afar -- given that she’s planning on studying in Spain for six months, according to her mom.

“She’s only 23 and he’s 32," she said, "and it looks like he dates a lot, from one supermodel to the next.”



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  • Jake Carson
    Jake Carson

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  • comment

    I was reading the daily news and stumbled upon this bit sticking out like a sore thumb. It grated on me enough to warrant a comment. "I always say she’s an Asian wise man reincarnated.""???!!! Excuse me? Lady, regardless of your self-confessed inclination to be a jokester, I certainly do not find the humor behind that statement. If you don't "get" why it's upsetting, then I feel quite sorry for you, really. You apparently lack the tact to realize that it's inappropriate to parade around celebrity news sites saying whatever comes to mind. It seems like you're the one chasing after `fame' and `celebrity status' by injecting yourself into the equation. Chris Pine, you can do ALOT better than aligning yourself with people like these. People pay money to watch your films. It's annoying to read about people in your circle making ridiculous statements that end up in regular news sites.

  • pameladipietro

    Yes sir will do, will never hear from me again and far as Amanda she is not blogging about that good day

  • xoxoxo

    Dear pamela, Chris will never see that you said that be cause well HE DOESNT USE WEBSITES LIKE THIS! He hates it when people put his personal life on blast which is what you and Amanda are doing. so if Amanda is so smart she so kindly stop reblogging comments of herself on twitter and stop making posts about chirs and YOU should keep your big mouth shut!

  • pameladipietro

    Dear Mr Pine I pray that you get to read my apology or someone will tell you about it,all I can say is that I am a clueless idiot ... anyone that knows me will tell you, that I am just a HUGE jokester its hard for me to be serious for more than 10 minutes, I am a very lighthearted gal, I wish I would have never answered this call. Of course I fibbed to all my family and said I said nothing :( I didn't realize this was such a humungASS deal till I started getting the wrath from my family for what I said, its not like I was just talking about one of her regular friends..EEEKKK ( a moment here where I am jumping up and down with my eyes crossed and and banging my head on the wall!) I am going to obey my husband & practice the zipper from now on!:) Amanda has made a very big life for herself and for that I am so proud of her, she is very smart, beautiful and confident, I hate that she is so mad at me now, I just need to cut the apron strings and step back.. Sincerely, Pamela Theriot

  • deepforest

    Mom, sounds like typical loving Italian mother, Amanda must be an awesome well grounded girl, she obviously is not out for fame, nor her family..

  • Ileana M.
    Ileana M.

    I'm sorry, but what a bitch. :S Pffft!