Jennifer Lopez Urges You to Switch to Verizon, Check Out These Caption Contest Results

And if Jennifer Lopez urges you to do something, you’d better do it!

That pause should have allowed you enough time to run out and switch phone carriers, so let us now address the second part of J.Lo’s request by presenting the winning captions from yesterday’s Facebook caption contest:

“I’ve been a Fly girl, have several Grammys, done movies, I could act “kinda”, dated, married and divorced half of Hollywood, have a couple of children, done TV have my own clothing line, am a cougar, what else could I do to get attention?….” – Luis

“2 millions just for standing in front of Verizon sign… Not bad, girl, not bad att all” – Tanya

“I think im gonna switch to verizon, now that im thinking about it.” – Julia

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