Here’s What You’ll Hate About ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Angelina Pivarnick’s Music Video

There are plenty of things to hate about Jersey Shore “star” Angelina Pivarnick’s new song “Serendipity” and the accompanying music video, but probably the worst part is when Pivarnick’s co-star Adam Barta gets on the 1 train in the Upper West Side, inexplicably gets off at Grand Central Station and then walks to Times Square. This video’s existence not only defies logic, but the time and space continuum as well.

For a point of reference:

This makes no sense.

Another thing that makes no sense about this video is that, in a “cute” (read: exhausting) twist, the video ends with a double gay wedding. However, just last year Pivarnick was telling Barta that “honestly I don’t believe that gays should be married — it has nothing to do with gays personally — but I don’t f**king think that you guys should get married! You want to have your little flings with your gay partner when you’re younger and see how it is or whatever, that’s fine, but if you’re male, marry a female; if you’re female, marry a male.”

It’s worth noting that, in the past year alone, Barta has recorded songs with Pivarnick, Tan Mom, Octomom and the man with the world’s largest penis. So he’s very clearly a famewhore and everyone is a loser. Burn the internet down.