Katrina Parker On Adam Levine’s Controversial Comment: ‘He Doesn’t Actually Hate This Country’

Katrina Parker, former contestant on The Voice and Celebuzz’s celebrity blogger, shared her thoughts on Adam Levine’s controversial comment last night.

Levine was heard muttering “I hate this country” after Amber Carrington was spared, leaving the Maroon Five frontman with only one team member.

“Last night’s results were shocking, and I think all of us have said things we may later regret in the heat of the moment (luckily for us it wasn’t on live TV),” Parker told us via email.  “He doesn’t actually hate this country (obviously) – he’s just passionate about his remaining contestants and disappointed in America’s decision to send two of the best singers in the competition home. Could it have been stated more gracefully? Yes, of course…but he’s a fiery, passionate guy – what do people expect’s going to happen when his world is rocked like that?”