Watch Ke$ha Drink a Glitter-Filled 40 in Latest Music Video

Ke$ha on Tuesday unleashed the music video for her new song “Crazy Kids” upon the masses — and it’s about everything you’d expect from the predictably unpredictable singer.

This time around, the 26-year-old sports cornrows, sits with pitbulls and drinks glitter out of a 40 as she celebrates living life to the fullest, forgetting your troubles and all the other fun stuff featured in her previous songs that sound exactly the same as this one.

This time around, though, there’s a cameo by, who struts around the sorority-esque party house in a spacesuit. Because, at this point, why the hell not?

Watch the video for “Crazy Kids,” above.

And if you’re brave enough, take a tour inside Ke$ha’s mind by learning the words to “Crazy Kids” — now available at Directlyrics.

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