Watch: The Career Evolution Of Jennifer Aniston

She’s a fashion icon and a world famous movie star, but how did Jennifer Aniston make it to the top?

Aniston's first TV job was on a show named Molloy in 1990. Though the show unfortunately never made it to air, she stuck at it and was finally cast in movies such as Camp Cucamonga, Leprechaun and TV shows Quantum Leap and Herman’s Head.

But still feeling defeated, Aniston was about the quit the business before she auditioned for a special little character named Rachel Green on Friends -- which ultimately skyrocketed her into superstardom.

Watch above to see how Aniston made it from humble beginnings to the top.



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  • Rebecca Enerson
    Rebecca Enerson

    you mean watch how she went from a mediocre TV actress in an ensemble cast to the A-list by digging her claws into Brad and never letting go-she has used his name and Angies to get constant gossip rag coverage-basically riding Brad's coattails even harder after the divorce-to this day she has never made a single movie I can watch she ruins them all she is just that repellant and bad as an actress