Adam Levine Gets to Smush This Danish Model’s Hot Naked Body Whenever He Wants

Confirmed pro-American Adam Levine is said to be casually dating model Nina Adgal, which makes total sense after catching a glimpse of this just-released photo shoot for Colombia-based Maaji Swimwear.

In the set, Agdal poses in a number of scantily clad bikinis for the line’s 2013 Seaside Reverie collection. Some of the photos are a little off. (Why is there a lobster on her head, for example?)

But, yeah. She’s hot.

She’s also young. The Hillerød, Denmark, native is only 21, though that hasn’t stopped her from appearing in last year’s Sports IllustratedSwimsuit Issue, or in the coveted Super Bowl ad for  Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s. (You know, the same chain that had Paris Hilton rolling around at a car wash.)

No wonder Levine has been hating on America these days.