Justin’s Neighbors Are Sick Of Bieber Fever

Justin Bieber’s millons of fans around the world can’t get enough of the teen superstar, but his small group of neighbors have reached their Bieber Fever limit.

The 19-year old pop star’s reported diva-like behavior when it comes to allegedly speed racing his Ferrari on the streets of the ritzy gated enclave of Calabasas he calls home, is leaving his fellows residents at a tolerance level that’s hanging by a thread.

So much so, one neighbor may have to resort to catching bad boy Biebs on camera to bring back a sense of neighborhood normalcy.

“He drives 100 miles an hour down the street. It sounds like an airplane,” a resident, who wished to remain anonymous, told Celebuzz.

“And he hides behind his bodyguards when people come after him. He’s a coward.

“He spits on people, he’s speeding, and he’s driving recklessly.

“The problem is nobody’s caught him on videotape yet. That’s why the police aren’t doing anything. I guess our word is not good enough.”

Just last weekend it was reported by TMZ that resident and former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson chased down Bieber for speeding in the neighborhood and tried to confront the singer, to no avail.

Another Oaks resident, Nissim Evenheim, is trying to be diplomatic about the high speed claims, the first of which he says he heard himself when Biebs allegedly spat on a neighbor after he was confronted to slow down.

But Evenheim can’t hide his disdain for the disruption this has caused his once-private residence.

“Of course, I’m bothered,” he said. “Naturally, I want peace and quiet and I hope the peace and quite comes back to the neighborhood.

“I think it’s negative attention and people pay a lot of money to live here,” added Evenheim. “I hope he (Justin) has learned his lesson.”

The other resident believes that will only come if there are enforced consequences.

“He’s a nuisance, a punk, and hopefully he’ll get what comes to him — legal justice,” added the first resident.

“He’s been caught by police before, there are photos of him. Now, he’s choosing to do it in the neighborhood and police aren’t able to catch him. There are little children out here all the time. Something bad is going to happen.

“It’ll catch up with him and he’ll pay eventually.”